During the holiday season, which is typically slow for window cleaning businesses, there’s a relatively new service industry you can use to generate big money using your existing customer base.

as a window cleaner or window cleaning business owner, you know the late fall and winter month’s can be slow on sales. generally, this time of year we either close-up shop, or layoff a portion of our staff to offset the lack of income flowing into our businesses. but, did you know…


…the holiday lighting and decorating industry has experienced an 800% growth over the last 6 years!

and, with the holiday lighting and decorating industry being in it’s infancy, this may be the perfect “add-on” to your existing window cleaning business.

after all, you’ve got the right equipment (i.e.. ladders and the expertise to climb ladders safely), that perfectly compliments a holiday lighting service.

generally, the lighting season lasts between october, when you’ll begin to generate sales and start decorating, to late january when you’ve finished taking down lighting and decorations from customers homes or businesses.

this industry is the perfect add-on for many seasonal business like, landscapers, painters, roofers, pool services, construction companies, fencing companies and florists. plus, it’s a lower risk starting this type of business venture because, you can utilize your current customer base from which to create sales and retain your employees during this season.

You can expect to earn over $1000 per day during the 6 – 8 week season if you follow their specific franchise plan. they’ve seen their franchisees make as much as $2,000 to $3,000 in a single day — which isn’t too shabby 🙂

final thoughts:

holiday lighting and decorating, can be a great way to:

  1. extend your window cleaning business’s season
  2. add a new revenue source
  3. help retain employees during the off season
  4. and, is potentially a “less risky venture” because you can utilize your existing customer base to begin creating sales.

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