safety first

how to access the windows for cleaning

  • 1. move pews, (if possible), and other obstructions before setting up ladder(s)
  • 2. add “ladder mitts” to ladder tops to create greater ladder stability and eliminate damage to wood
  • 3. set up ladder at point (a) and continue cleaning through point (l)
  • 4. finish cleaning window “side” with ground movements
  • 5. repeat process on other side of glass

Other safety and cleaning suggestions

1. preventing ladder slippage

either have an employee hold ladder base or add a “ladder stopper” to ladder base to minimize slip-out when cleaning other side of glass. it appears as though there is a potentially slippery floor on that side of windows.

2. detailing windows

make sure to carefully dry towel along top window edge of roof line glass… angled cuts of glass love to leave dirty water drips, long after the window cleaning process.

I always suggest minimizing the amount of “detailing” i.e.. (using a micro fiber or other type of towel on window after squeegeeing), but in the case of angled cuts of glass… detailing top is a must.

3. removing sill dust layer

use a natural sponge, also known as a sea sponge, to soak up excess solution from bottom window sills. you may want to have an extra bucket of water available at the site to use for sea sponge rinsing exclusively.

There’s bound to be a lot of dust on those sill bottoms and you won’t want to contaminate your clean window cleaning solution every time you come down a ladder to rinse sponge.

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