Today I’m going to share with you a few techniques you can use to get more referrals so you can do:

1. less selling
2. earn more
3. minimize your advertising expense
4. and… save time

how to start

when a customer refers their friends or associates, it symbolizes an appreciation for a job well done. “thank you’s” are always valued but referrals are the ultimate form of gratitude.

when you ask your customers to refer your window cleaning business, in essence you are employing an army of sales associates that are working to build your business for free!

so, let’s get started with the most crucial sales generating tip in the window cleaning business…

Tip #1: never leave a window cleaning job without a referral

after you’ve finished a job and are sitting down with the customer, chatting and writting up your invoice, you need to ask them to call a few friends on your behalf.

this is a crucial business building step too many new window cleaners fail at. if you fail to do this simple step, you’ll have to ‘hard sell’ every new customer and that can take massive amounts of your time and money.

here’s a basis script you can use to ask for a referral…

… “would you do me a big favor? i’m expanding my business and i need your help. if you could call a few friends right now and tell them about my window cleaning business that would mean so much to me and my family”.

ask them for “a favor”. people like to help people they know. and since you are their new window cleaner, they are going to want to help you succeed; all you need to do is ask… or, as i like to say, give them a little nudge.

what you want from this exercise is the name and address of a couple of your customer’s friends that you can go to ‘immediately’ and give an estimate. since they have been referred by one of their friends, (via word of mouth) you’ll likely get the job, regardless of price.

Credit – unscratchthesurface

starting today, for every job you do from now on, ask the customer when you are finished to call a few friends.

…you need to have the next job lined-up before you leave your customers house or commercial property!

i’m going to say this again because this is where everybody fails at this business…

you need to have the next job lined-up before you leave your customers house or commercial property!

Tip #2: call all previous customers and ask for a referral

If you haven’t been asking for referrals, the fastest way to get them is to call your previous customers. take a look at your customer list, even if it’s just a handful of people, get on the phone and ask them to call a few friends for you.

you can use the same script mentioned earlier. remember, referral marketing is the fastest way to create sales for your business. don’t take this advice lightly, this form of marketing will out perform flyers, door hangers, business cards, newspaper ads, yards signs and auto magnets… easily!

calling and asking for a referral should be done only one time, after that you run the risk of annoying your valued customer. so, the best solution, one that will save you time, is to send automated greeting cards to your customers and let the cards do the ‘asking’ for you.

Tip #3: referral marketing using greeting cards

sometimes it takes time to develop a close enough relationship with your customers before your customers feel comfortable enough to call friends on your behalf. in these cases you’ll need to develop a deeper relationship with your customers and let them know how much you appreciate them and that you are available to help.

“customer appreciation wins out over self-promotion every time”.

too many business owners advertise how great they are instead of telling their customers how much they appreciate them… this is a huge mistake!

the way the best marketers in the world create better relationships and therefore get more referrals and more business is by sending their customers greeting cards.

did you know, the greeting card has a 100% open rate… everyone loves to get a card, especially on their birthday.

ask yourself this, “how many window cleaners in your area are sending their customers heart-felt greeting cards”?

probably none.

if you want to get your customers to fall in love with you, have them refer your business to their friends, and blow your competition away, sending greeting cards is the answer.

tip #4: greeting card relationship marketing techniques

the following examples are some of the ways I use greeting cards to develop closer relationships with my customers and get more referrals.

in conclusion:

>> ask customers to call friends when you’ve finished cleaning their windows. you want the next job lined-up ‘before’ you leave their home or business.

>> call all previous customers and ask for a referral. this is a one-time call, don’t over use this technique.

>> let greeting cards do the ‘asking for you’. set up an automated greeting card referral marketing system that asks your customers for a referral 3 to 4 times a year… automatically!

i wish you a great window cleaning season this year! and, as always, if you’d like to start a window cleaning business, check out my informative article on how to start a window washing business by clicking here.

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