if you’re in the market to find a glass cleaning service to clean your commercial or residential windows, you’re sure to come across advertisments offering discounts on window cleaning.

the advertisment might read: window cleaning special – 20% off to new customers for the month of may! call at 111-1111 etc…

… sounds legit, what’s the scam?

the window cleaning company has not established a fixed price for your window cleaning needs – they haven’t yet, given you a bid.

therefore, they can offer you an inflated bid price for your window cleaning and deduct the so-called discount.

this scam is designed to make it look like you are getting a great deal, when in fact, the window cleaning company is getting the price they want without you knowing!

the only legit way a window cleaning company can offer you a discount is “after” you are an established customer.

at that point, your favorite window cleaner can, for instance, offer a discount on your next window cleaning.

this way, you’ve established a regular price for your window cleaning needs and if the window cleaning company wants to offer you a percentage-off for your next cleaning – great!

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