“Discover… How To Remove The Toughest Stains From Window Glass Using A System That Delivers Absolute Glass Clarity

  • Restore your customers windows to ‘Crystal Clarity’ by learning step-by-step professional procedures to clean cloudy glass, remove hard water deposits and oxidization using the proper tools and techniques
  • Learn… How to remove window tint. Learn exclusive window tint removal techniques used by professional auto window tint specialists
  • Find out how the pros remove stickers from glass, how to remove paint from windows, how to remove decals from windows… Remove all types of ‘Construction Debris’ — without scratching glass
  • Get an insiders look at the 9 most common window cleaning mistakes, learn how to avoid them… And, SAVE yourself $1,000’s in expensive glass replacement claims
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Give your customer what you’ve promised… Instead of lame excuses

What are you going to tell your customer? How can you feel justified in charging them for a professional window cleaning when the glass still looks terrible?

I’ve been there before. So, don’t worry. Because you’re about to learn a ‘System of Cleaning and Restoring Glass’ that is sooo easy to use, you can confidently apply these techniques right away and give your customers what you’ve promised instead of giving them excuses.

By learning the proper glass restoration skills, you can provide restoration services to your customers, and… Easily charge $100+ per hour for this specialized service.

Your customers windows are one of the most costly investments in their home, and they deserve proper care to prevent permanent degradation of clarity caused by hard water, oxidization, over spray and other environmental pollutants.

You can literally transform damaged, cloudy, pitted glass, into crystal clarity and price your work to make $100+ per hour.


SAVE your customers $1,000’s in expensive glass replacement costs

Think of it this way:

A typical 4’X4′, thermal paned slider window is going to cost a property owner around $400 – $700 to replace. The glass installation company has to access the window, remove it, replace it with new glass, and repair and seal the windows enclosure… It’s a long and expensive process.

Tip #2:

By offering your customers glass restoration services, you’ll be saving them this inconvenience.

You can now offer the exact same results at a fraction of the cost by simply removing the corrosion from their window glass using the proper techniques and equipment…

…Literally Saving your customer’s $1,000’s and earning you $100’s!

Glass restoration is the “green” alternative to glass replacement!

You’ll be providing a “GREEN” alternative — By saving your local landfill from glass that DOESN’T need to be thrown in the dump. If given the choice, most people will opt to save their glass if it’s possible to restore it to clarity. Most people want to do their part to save the environment and by giving them this ‘Green Alternative’, your customers will not only respond by hiring you, but also will thank you for providing them with this eco-friendly option.

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As shown in the picture below, even the worst glass stains can be removed successfully — Even if the glass staining has been developing over the course of several years.

With the wrong mixture of chemicals, you can ‘burn’ glass permanently!

Tip #3:

To get great window restoration results… You need to understand there is a right and a wrong approach to glass restoration.

The Wrong Way is: To randomly try chemicals to remove stains from glass. Because, with the wrong mixture of chemicals, you can damage glass beyond repair. Your customer’s windows are one of the biggest investments they’ve made in their home.

You simply can’t afford damaging your customers glass by applying chemicals and techniques that aren’t appropriate for glass restoration purposes.

The Wrong Way is: To use razor blades to remove debris from glass without understanding safe razor blade techniques. Using razor blades can easily scratch glass, you need to know how to use them by learning how to identify glass fines in tempered glass, and how to identify coated glass. You’ll learn how to identify glass fines and how to avoid scratching glass.

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