Even if i haven’t personally started helping you quick start your own window washing business, it’s extremely important to continue reading this article… the tips you’re about to read can save you a lot of grief and money!

Once you’ve been in business for at least 4 months, there’s one surefire sales technique to help you generate $1,000’s today

… it’s called the “reminder call”.

the reminder call is a sales technique that involves calling previous customers and reminding them that it’s time to get their windows cleaned again. and…


i’m going to show you how to use the reminder call technique to:

  1. generate repeat sales and lock in your customers for life
  2. provide your customers great service
  3. virtually eliminate your advertising costs
  4. create bonus sales with other related services

glass gets dirty, it’s just a matter of time. and because of this fact, you can maximize the “lifetime value” of your customers by cleaning their windows over and over again… and get paid cash over and over again as well.

creating repeat sales makes starting a window cleaning business a great investment for your future. because, once you’ve found a customer, you can easily sell that customer your window washing services again by simply picking up your phone and reminding them it’s time to have their windows cleaned… it’s as simple as that!

so, here’s the scoop on the…

residential customer reminder call

every spring and fall you’ll want to call and remind your residential customers about your window cleaning services and get them in your schedule before you’re completely booked. yes, that’s what i said… completely booked! because, i want you to take all of your previous years clients and your new clients from this spring and early summer and start calling them now! (this is called your list). let them know you are filling your fall window cleaning schedule now and that this is the best time to get in your schedule… before it’s too late.

you don’t have to go overboard on the sense of urgency technique, i.e.. “before it’s too late” because, people already realize popular contractors are very busy people. and, the simple fact that you’ve taken the time out of your busy day to contact them will be appreciated by your customer with a, “thanks, but no thanks” or a “sure, when can you get me in”?

honestly, you have nothing to lose by calling your previous customers and using the reminder technique except for the occasional “no thank you”. in which case, that customers will most likely call on you in the future when they’re ready to hire you again.

remember, your previous customers are people who have already requested your services before. and, hopefully you made them happy by providing them with a quality window cleaning. it’s not like you are approaching people that have absolutely no interest in what you have to offer, i.e.. (interruption marketing or cold call techniques), these are your customers and they will be very receptive to your offer.

the reminder call technique is not perceived as advertising, it’s perceived as “good customer service”! so, get on the phone and start filling your calendar now.

commercial customer reminder call

your commercial window washing accounts are more likely to already be on a regular rotation. most window cleaners will schedule these accounts into a route, round or rotation that is cleaned weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly etc…


but, if you have previously cleaned a commercial account’s windows and have no further bookings… by all means, call them now and remind them you can create a rotation of window cleaning visits and that they’ll never have to bother with dirty windows again!

one of my most profitable techniques is to create “free floating commercial window cleaning accounts”. this is one of the many business building techniques i’ve taught 100’s of window cleaners to use and maximize profits in their business. you can check out all my latest window cleaning sales strategies by clicking here:

The high cost of not using the reminder call technique

i’ve never listed my window cleaning business in the white or yellow pages of my local phone book but, occasionally i like to see who’s listed. so, a few weeks ago i thumbed through the yellow pages and looked up the heading “window cleaning services”. of course, i did find the typical list of window cleaning companies and their phone numbers but, what i didn’t expect to see was…

…2 of my competitors had full blown advertisements!

you might say, “what’s so surprising about that? businesses want to compete right?”

i was surprised because i know the business owners. and i know they have both been in business for several years and both have no employees to keep busy. what i’m trying to say is…

…why in the heck do they feel the need to spend cash on yellow page ads? after all, they’ve been in business for years and they only need enough customers to fill their own time.

my guess is… they don’t generate repeat sales from their customer list. because if they did, after 2 or 3 years in business, they’d never need to spend another advertising dollar!

moral of the story… use the reminder call technique and train your customers to ask you to put them in your calendar on a regular basis and forget spending hard earned cash on advertising!

the other moral of the story is… your customer list is the absolute most important aspect of your business. without it, you have no business. so, keep building your “list” and start reselling those customers window cleaning with reminder calls.

in conclusion

using the “reminder call” is:

  • a fast way to generate income and sales now
  • a great way to reconnect with previous customers and is considered a courtesy, not a nuisance
  • one technique that will dramatically help your window cleaning business succeed by creating an ongoing relationship with your previous customers
  • will greatly reduce or completely eliminate your advertising costs

and who knows, using the reminder call technique may help you acquire more work than just window cleaning! there’s a list of window cleaning based “add-on services” that are guaranteed to help you make no-less-than $60 per hour posted here.

you can offer these extra, but related exterior building maintenance services, along with window cleaning when you call your previous customers.

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