One of the greatest aspects of the window cleaning business is the fact that windows will get dirty over and over again…

… It’s just a matter of time.

You can literally generate $1,000’s in sales with the same customer by scheduling repeat window cleaning visits.

Credit – unscratchthesurface

For example: When you acquire a new residential customer that is paying $300 per window washing, you shouldn’t see that sale as a $300 sale, you should see it as a $6,000 sale.

300 X (2 cleanings a year) X (10 year period) = $6,000!

The ‘over-all value of each new customer’ is one of the best motivators to energize you into building your customer list – FAST! After all, if your goal is to earn $100,000 a year, and the average sale is worth ($300 X 2 cleanings per year), then all you need is 167 customers in your list!

But, here’s the problem…

… Some customers will call you when they need their windows cleaned, but many customers won’t. That’s why it’s important to stay in touch with your customers on a regular basis. You have to let them know you care about them and are available to help.

One of my favorite techniques to secure repeat window washing business is by using, what I call:

The “Friendly Reminder” Technique

The pictures (below) are of real greeting cards I send my customers to remind them that it’s time to get their windows cleaned again.

Obviously, the inside of your reminder card will have to be edited to include your business information, not mine.

By using the on-line greeting card SYSTEM my network of cleaning specialists use, your cards can be easily changed to suit YOUR needs!

You can upload photos and graphics right into your greeting cards… Even edit them by adding voice and thought bubbles, captions and borders.

The best part is…

… The company will print, stuff, stamp and mail your cards for you!

That’s what great SYSTEMs do…

S = Save

Y = Your

S = Self

T = Time

E = Energy

M = Money

You can automatically send your cards to (1 or ALL of your customers) with a click of the mouse. How’s that for easy ‘Friendly Reminder’ card marketing!

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