One of the most annoying things you can ever experience is getting streaky windows after spending a lot of time and effort cleaning them. If this is a constant problem for you, then read on for the best window cleaning tips to ensure that you get a streak-free finish

Best Streak Free Window Cleaning Tips From A Pro
Best Streak Free Window Cleaning Tips From A Pro

Remove Surface Dirt

Before you can think about streak-free windows or mirrors you first have to remove all surface dirt. Outside windows are usually full of dust and grime so it is important to wash them down with a garden hose or with a rag or water.

Kitchen windows may also have a lot of grease and grime so wash them down with soapy water and a sponge. Remove all the dirt from corners and edges using a toothbrush or cotton bud. Don’t forget to prevent water damage on your windowsills and floors by covering them with a towel or rag while cleaning. This will prevent water damage.

Use The Right Chemicals and Equipment

In order to attain streak-free windows, you must ensure that you get the proper tools and chemicals. You can use store purchased window cleaners or make your own window cleaning solution using vinegar. For store-bought cleaners, purchase those that are marketed as ‘streak-free’ glass cleaners. Use suds free cleaners as suds are one of the major causes of streaks.

When making homemade glass cleaners using vinegar, ensure that you use distilled water. This is because other types of water may have mineral deposits that will cause streaks on your windows or mirrors.

Do not use paper towels or cotton rags. These will leave behind fuzzy fibers and lint making your windows look tacky. You should also avoid using newspapers as they may scratch your surfaces.

Instead, use microfibre cloths or natural chamois clothes as these are soft and gentle on your windows and they leave a streak-free finish. Squeegees are also great for cleaning windows because with the right chemicals and clean water they don’t leave streaks.

Best Streak Free Window Cleaning Tips From A Pro
Best Streak Free Window Cleaning Tips From A Pro

Clean In Multiple Directions

Cleaning your window is one direction only may cause streaks that would be visible when the surface is hit by sunlight. Just like painting, you should clean your windows in several directions to prevent streaks. First, clean the window in a circular motion, then horizontally from left to right and finally finish vertically from top to bottom.

Buff Streaky Surfaces

Sometimes your windows or mirrors may still get streaks due to common cleaning mistakes. If you do notice an errant streak use a dry microfiber cloth to buff it away.

Hire A Professional

Most offices are best cleaned by professional companies as they can ensure a professional streak-free job with no accidents or injuries. To avoid disappointment, Texas Window Cleaning recommends that you choose a company that has certified credentials as well as trained and well-equipped window cleaners.

Even residential windows can benefit from a professional cleaning. In fact, many companies have affordable rates and discounts for residential homes meaning you don’t have to settle for streaky windows at your home.

Streak Free Windows Are Attainable

Using our tips will ensure that you never face streaks in your windows or mirrors again. For more window cleaning tips read the rest of our blog.

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