Step by step instructions on how to utilize a special tool belt holster that will allow you to clean windows all day with just 2 gallons of solution


step 1

Unclick your sidekick when remaining solution in reservoir becomes too dirty to effectively clean glass or gets completely used up.

step 2

Pour out remaining dirty solution.

step 3

Wring out excess dirty solution from strip washer before placing back into sidekick holster.

step 4

Refill sidekick holster with clean solution and stop just before it starts to “brim” over the top of containment edge.

step 5

reclick holster into tool belt side female end of holster, and you’re ready to resume window cleaning!


how to minimize the risk of water damage when cleaning interior windows using a tool belt holster technique

when cleaning interior windows, you’ll want to minimize drips and spills by sufficiently wringing out your strip washer before scrubbing window glass. remember, the exact same amount of cleaning solution you add to glass, will come off glass when you squeegee it dry. so, if you are in a situation where you need to limit the amount of solution run-off…

…wring out strip washer, over your bucket, until washer no longer drips.

also, interior window cleaning is an appropriate time to use your sidekick holster ’empty and not full’ of solution. use your bucket to re-wet and wring excess solution from strip washer then, carry wrung-out washer in dry holster from window to window. you can clean several windows using this technique…

…reducing water drips on furniture and other household / office items and, without having to move your bucket from window to window — very fast and efficient.

Final thoughts

as you’ve learned, window cleaner’s tool belt use has many advantages over carrying tools in hand. it’s recommended by osha for ladder work. it can minimize business expense and create higher profit margins. it can reduce the chance of water damage by minimizing drips and spills. it will make your window cleaning jobs a heck of a lot easier and more enjoyable and, most importantly…

Using a window cleaner’s tool belt will quickly define you as a ‘true professional window cleaner’.

it’s just another way of telling yourself and your customers that you are in business to be in business. after all, every industry that performs work from ladders uses tool belts that are designed for their industry — why not you?

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