The obvious reasons are:

  • Better View
  • Heat Efficiency
  • Professional Business Image
  • and for window cleaners… (Income)!

Beyond the obvious reasons, the most important reason for glass maintenance is to avoid glass degradation. Glass will, over time, become permeated with a variety of contaminants:

  1. Hard Minerals (from sprinkler systems and building run-off)
  2. Oxidization (from windows encased in metal frames and screens)
  3. Acid Rain
  4. Sea Spray
  5. Over spray (from paint, chalking, mortar and more)

In most cases item #1, Hard Mineral or hard water is the biggest threat to most home and business owners and a great source of extra income for professional window cleaners. The need for basic glass restoration can be avoided with regular cleaning to exterior window glass surfaces.


Understanding glass:

  • Glass is porous. A cross-section of a sheet of glass reveals peaks and valleys.
  • Glass is a liquid that continues to harden over time.

Because glass is porous, it’s easy to understand how it’s transparent look can quickly become obstructed with airborne pollutants.

Also, it’s easy to understand why hard water (rain water runs over prefabricated surface i.e… wood stain, painted siding, concrete sealant and deposits minerals and acids from those substances into pores of glass as rain water flows down window glass surface) can damage glass if not maintained on a regular basis.

If you are a professional window cleaner, this is a great selling point. I see a lot of professionals advertise the benefits of their service but, I rarely see this benefit advertised.

In my opinion, it’s the best angle.

And if you’re a home or business owner, I’m sure you can appreciate the necessity of protecting your glass investment. Glass left UN-maintained over long periods of time may result in permanent damage. Phase two corrosion is the point where the glass’s molecular structure has been altered.


Most degradation is phase one which has effected only the surface of the glass. This is fairly easy to remedy. Check out my article on glass restoration for comprehensive instruction on how to remove hard water stains from window glass.

For phase two corrosion, hire a professional window cleaner in your area that has expertise in using tools like the “Glass Hog”, a restoration device that is designed to remove layers of glass in order to resurface the problem glass with a new finish. (Distortion can occur with the use of these tools and is not recommended outside of professional use).

Now that we understand why we clean glass, we need to know how to clean windows. But not all window cleaning techniques will produce results that eliminate glass degradation. The right combination of professional window cleaning tools, techniques, and know how are needed.

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