When you educate yourself on safe window cleaning practices, like learning when and where to use barricades, you easily separate yourself from the low-pro operators and elevate your business in the eyes of your customers as a law abiding, professional business owner.

Providing a safe working environment for your employees and protecting the general public is your number one goal as a professional window cleaner. sure, it costs more money to get the supplies and it takes extra time to construct and move a barricade from “drop zone” to drop zone but, that’s what you need to do to help eliminate the chance of a window cleaning tool from falling on someone.

During the course of this article you’ll learn…

1. the difference between an ineffective barricade and an effective barricade

2. the i-14.1-2001 window cleaning safety standard for protecting the general public

3. how using barricades can earn you respect from your clients and why they’ll pay more to have you clean their windows


Ansi/iwca i-14.1-2001 window cleaning safety standard section 3.10 states:

“when equipment used to access windows is suspended over or erected near an area traversed by workers, the general public or vehicular traffic, warning signs shall be positioned below and the ground area directly under or adjacent to the work zone shall be effectively blocked by means of barricades.

a competent person shall determine if additional means of protection are necessary.

when there may be a danger to the public, all window cleaning tools or other items shall be secured to the worker, seatboard or platform to prevent them from falling.”

how using barricades can earn you respect from your clients and why they’ll pay more to have you clean their windows

responsible property owners are more likely to hire a vendor when they employ safe working practices in and around their buildings. these people understand that if your business has an accident while working on their property, and you get sited and fined by osha, then they may also be held responsible for your actions.

responsible property owners want contractors that can provide them hassle free, clean windows. they are willing to pay more for a window cleaner who understands and uses current industry safety standards.

i intentionally go to great lengths to make my barricades very effective when the job site calls for it. a property owner can easily see when you’re taking the necessary steps to provide a safe environment around his property and this creates trust and respect in the working relationship between contractor and property owner.


sure, you can save time and money by skipping safe procedures like the use of barricades in your business. but, it just isn’t worth it… is it?

do it right. bid hirer. and attract the type of customer who understands the necessity of public and employee safety as much as you do.

For in-depth information on how you can build a safer window cleaning business, please click on the link below to get more information. Information you should know if you’d like to start a window cleaning business or build your current business in a safer manner. Click here: how to start a window cleaning business

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