did you know…

…that over 70% of the people that get my ‘quick start guide to window cleaning profits‘ are already professional window cleaning business owners?

it may seem kind of odd that established business owners would want more information on how to get on the fast track to higher profits but, in many cases, they simply want to know the ingredients that has made my business so successful. in other words, they want professional guidance to make their own businesses more successful.

ask yourself this:

  1. are you making at least $70 per cleaning windows?
  2. are you generating at least $7,000 per month in window cleaning sales?
  3. do you fully understand how to optimize sales and how to get your customers to sell for you?
  4. do you know how to prioritize windows and how to use advanced window cleaning techniques to increase your on-site profits?
  5. do you know how to price window cleaning jobs so you get what you need out of your business?
  6. do you know how to inflation proof your business?
  7. do you know where to highest paying jobs are and how to obtain contracts?

these are just a handful of the questions window cleaners want answers to when seeking window cleaning marketing information from me.

i started my first window cleaning business, i would have loved to have someone give me the answers to these crucial questions. back in those days, i couldn’t just search the internet and get all of the answers i needed, i had to learn them through the ‘school of hard knocks’.

…believe it or not, i actually learned how to clean windows on the job. we where making the sales and immediately cleaning the customers glass — literally making $250 per day from the get go.

over the next two weeks, i had enough to buy ladders, window cleaning tools, and earned enough after expenses, to continue to nashville with a couple thousand dollars in my pocket.

i’m going to give you the short story here…

i started that business by creating a ‘system of referrals‘ that got my customers to sell window cleaning jobs for me.

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