Risk is an unavoidable part of any business but insurance is a great way to mitigate your risks. Window cleaning companies face risks such as employee injuries and damage or loss of client property. If your business does not have insurance, getting sued by an employee or client could lead to your bankruptcy. Read on for more information on taking out window cleaning business insurance.

Do You Need Window Cleaning Insurance? Read This First
Do You Need Window Cleaning Insurance? Read This First

Is Window Cleaning Business Insurance Necessary?

The short answer is yes. Professional window cleaning has many risks. For example, many commercial windows like churches and even residential windows are located in tall buildings. Your employees could fall and get fatally injured while cleaning such windows. Employees could also face injuries resulting from chemical exposure or car accidents on their way to client locations.

Other than this, your customers may also get their property damaged as a result of your window cleaning. Unscrupulous employees may even steal from clients. All these risks make insurance an absolute necessity for your business.

Other than taking out insurance, Scottsdale Window Cleaning advises that companies can avoid injuries and property damages by getting proper window cleaning certifications and training their employees to act professionally at all times.

What Types Of Insurance Are Necessary?

The first type of insurance that you need is the business owner’s policy insurance. These policies are suitable for small to medium-sized businesses and cover property and general liability. Having policy insurance covers your property and business premises against damages such as fire or theft. You will also get coverage against loss of income that may result from property damage. The general liability also covers you against lawsuits that may come from employees or clients.

You should also get comprehensive auto insurance for the company vehicles. This is especially important if your employees drive significant distances to different client locations.

How Much Will It Cost?

Business policy insurance does not have to cost all your capital. On average business policy insurance would cost about $500 a year. Vehicle insurance should cost less than that. Altogether, you should budget about $1000 an annum for all your insurances. This may be a large expense for a new window cleaning business. However, the amount you would pay for damages without insurance is much more. So it makes business sense to pay for insurance.

Do You Need Window Cleaning Insurance? Read This First
Do You Need Window Cleaning Insurance? Read This First

What To Look For When Choosing An Insurance Policy

The fine print on some insurance policies may make them worthless for your needs. For example, if you take out property insurance with a high deductible and your property isn’t very costly you may end up paying for all damages out of pocket.

You should know what needs to be covered and how valuable the items you are covering are. You would then sit with an underwriter that understands the cleaning business and go through your requirements. The underwriter should then advise you on the best policies in the market that would suit your needs.

They should also explain all the fine print so that you are aware of what isn’t covered and how to make claims. It is important to analyze different insurance policies and choose the most suitable one for your business.

Insurance Is A Necessary Business Expense

Window cleaning business insurance is necessary to protect your window cleaning business. Running your operations without insurance coverage is highly risky. For more tips on growing your window cleaning business read the rest of our blog.

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