The 3 essential window cleaning tools are:

1) squeegee

2) strip washer

3) sea sponge

with these 3 tools you can get started cleaning windows and get professional results with very little investment.


the strip washer:

the strip washer, also known as the ‘washer wand’, is used to loosen the dirt and debris from window glass. in recent years, the strip washer has replaced the ‘boar’s hair brush’ as the professional window cleaning scrubbing tool of choice.

the strip washer come in 2 parts, the handle and the sleeve.

both handle and sleeve come in a variety of sizes typically ranging from 6″ to 22″.

the handle should last for years but, the sleeve will wear and need to be replaced periodically.

you may also want to experiment with different types of sleeves. some are meant to hold a lot of water, some very little. some have nylon fibers, or even steel wool woven into the micro fiber make-up of the sleeve to give added scrubbing strength.

when you buy your first strip washer, i’d suggest the 14″ size. the 14″ strip washer gives enough cleaning coverage on most glass sizes without being too big and cumbersome.

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the squeegee:

the squeegee is the window cleaning tool designed to dry the glass after it’s been thoroughly scrubbed.

the squeegee consists of 4 parts, the handle, the channel, the rubber, and the clip.

the squeegee handle, channel and clips should last for years of heavy use but, the squeegee rubber will need to be replaced on a regular basis as it wears. typically the squeegee rubber ‘tip’ or ‘ends’ will wear down first because of their contact with window framework.

when using a squeegee, all window cleaning solution must be completely removed to prevent solution drying on glass… dried solution on glass is known as a “streak”.

the squeegee is a very versatile. once you learn how to use this tool, you can do much more than ‘straight squeegee strokes”. the ‘super swirl’, ‘ginsu’, and ‘x method’ are other techniques you can use to dry windows with a squeegee.

preparing your squeegee for best window cleaning results:

it’s common when you buy squeegee rubber, for instance, a 14″ squeegee rubber for a 14″ squeegee channel, that the rubber will be 1/2″ too long.

often i get asked, “how can i prevent streaks along the edge of windows framework?”. the first, easiest way to prevent edge streaks is to cut the squeegee rubber so it fits the channel better.

use a sharp glass scraper or a pair of scissors and cut the squeegee rubber so the rubber extends beyond the channel by 1/8″ on both ends.

what this will do is minimize the amount of solution left on the window edges which will reduce the need to detail, (or cleanup), the edge with a micro fiber towel.

when you buy your first squeegee, i’d suggest the 14″ size.

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The sea sponge:

the sea sponge is also known as the ‘natural sponge’ and for good reason…

… it comes from the sea and is organic plant material.

the sea sponge is commonly used to wipe excess water from the squeegee rubber but, it can also be used to…

1) clean window framework

2) remove excess wetness from window edge

3) add wetness to glass if solution has dried

4) rub out spots missed by strip washer

5) clean window tracks

6) dry window sills

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