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Free Window Cleaning Tips is part of Volitar Industries which is owned and operated by Window Cleaning Industry Pro, we are expertise in the field of glass cleaning through a variety of tips and techniques that are designed to educate the "first time window cleaner" to the "professional in the field". Tips and techniques on how to remove paint from your window glass, Super Swirl window cleaning method and glass restoration are just a few of the site's highlights.

Over the last decade, I've owned and operated a highly successful window cleaning service, Capital City Windows, which I built from the ground-up with quality window cleaning, great customer service and the ability to troubleshoot and perform window cleaning on buildings that other window cleaners in my area couldn't.

Safety is a huge concern for me, and I have a legal obligation to provide a safe work environment for my employees. That's why I recommend, before starting your own window cleaning service, you understand the risks associated with this industry. The IWCA and the (ANSI) American National Standards Institute released in 2001, the I-14 Window Cleaning Safety Standards. (OSHA) Occupational Safety & Health Administration has adopted these standards and now sites window cleaners and building owners who have violated these standards resulting in an injury or death of a window cleaner or other persons related to an accident. The teachings I provide within this website are designed to compliment the I-14 Standard.

I wish you a safe and happy journey creating a window cleaning service! It's been one of the most rewarding adventures of my life; this website is dedicated to supplying you with the information you need to build your own window cleaning destiny.

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