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Free Window Cleaning Video!

In this free window cleaning video you'll learn...

  1. Super swirl squeegee techniques (Speed Training)
  2. How to replace your towel and start using a sea sponge (Efficiency)
  3. How to Eliminate the need to Detail windows (Accuracy)

This free window cleaning video is my gift to you, my valued newsletter subscriber, as a special thank you for making the #1 ranked window cleaning web site on the Internet for over 3 years running!

The Super Swirl Squeegee Technique

This free window cleaning video is designed to help you generate faster squeegee speed using introductory super swirl techniques. Once you learn the basics of the super swirl with your dominant hand, you'll want to train your weaker hand to perform the super swirl at the same proficiency.

The super swirl is the standard squeegee technique all professional window cleaners must learn in order to create greater workplace efficiency and window cleaning accuracy.

After learning the super swirl with a small squeegee, start training with larger squeegee channel lengths and in no time, you'll be squeegeeing like a pro!

Replace Your Micro Fiber Towel With A Sea Sponge

Sometimes you can learn new tricks from the "Old Dogs". The sea sponge is still widely used by advanced window cleaners that have been in the business for several years. New window cleaners are more apt to start their window cleaning careers using micro fiber towels.

The portion in this free window cleaning video regarding sea sponge techniques is designed to get you to "Re-Think" your cleaning strategy. As you'll discover, the sea sponge can do everything the towel can do plus, it has one distinct advantage...

... The sea sponge can be wrung-out over and over again, which will greatly maximize your time and create greater jobsite efficiency. No longer will you have to go back to your supplies to replace you wet, dirty micro fiber towels!

How To Eliminate Detailing Windows

Any time you can minimize or even eliminate 'time consuming extra' you'll be able to work through more windows which will in-turn provide you higher daily profits. In this free window cleaning video, you'll learn how to apply the super swirl squeegee technique to eliminate the need to detail the corners of the window glass.

You'll also learn how to use the sea sponge to wick away excess waters from windows frame work to minimize the chance of post window cleaning drips.

In Conclusion

The tips you'll learn from this free window cleaning video are just the "Tip of the Iceberg". I'd like to share with you my comprehensive 32 Chapter window cleaning business kit called, "Quick Start Guide To Window Cleaning Profits".

Within your business kit, you'll have access to 25 window cleaning videos, a complete set of high impact marketing tools, free business coaching from me directly, a 5 chapter pricing guide and a massive wealth of experience designed to help you start and grow your own window cleaning business fast!

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