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Take your window cleaning technique to the next level with my......"Super Swirl" Window Cleaning Video!

Since it's release in May of 2004, this video has been downloaded over 1,000 times! The video demonstrates and teaches the Super Swirl squeegeeing method on large plate store front glass.

Learn How To:

  • Squeegee Glass in 1 Fluid Motion
  • Relieve Stress on your Wrists and Arms
  • Increase your Speed and Profitability


  • The Exact Place to Start the Swirl
  • How to Correct Mistakes without Starting Over
  • And... The All Important "Closing Turn"

By ordering Right Now, I'm offering a second video ----- FREE!

With my brand new video, "Super Swirl Applications", I break down the swirl on a variety of different glass shapes and sizes. Slow motion camera, accurately dissects the swirl squeegee technique on:

  • 1/2 Moon Shaped Glass
  • Tall Rectangular Glass via Ladder
  • Small Horizontal Glass using the "Fanning" Technique

Learn professional window cleaner's insider tips on how to use the fanning technique to close out the swirl and when and where to use the "X" squeegee technique. These techniques are so specialized, most professional window cleaners don't even know about them. This video supplies you with the knowledge that will make your window cleaning chore or business more enjoyable and profitable.

Hold On!!! I'm adding a 3rd bonus video: 1 Stroke Oval Window Squeegeeing!!!

Again, if you ordering Right Now.... It's absolutely FREE! Learn the 4 basic steps to cleaning oval glass in 1 fluid motion with 1, easy to download video. I earned in the neighborhood of 1/2 million dollars as a professional window cleaner before I perfected my 1 stroke oval window squeegeeing technique. Now, it's yours for free with your order...

...You'll have instant access to download these videos the moment your order is confirmed! The Super Swirl Video (20megs), Super Swirl Applications Video (48.1megs) and 1 Stroke Oval Window Squeegeeing (14megs) play in all media players i.e...Windows Media, Real Player, Quick Time. BUY NOW!


Man Lifts and the Mid-Rise Window Cleaning Market: The Ultimate Money Making Machines electronic-book is specialized information designed to teach window cleaning business owners how to expand their business with the use of boom lifts.

Book features:

  • How To Make Up To $100 an Hour Window Cleaning with Man-Lifts
  • (5) How To Video Examples of Real World Man-Lift Operations
  • How To Operate Man-Lifts and Operator Safety Tips
  • Where to Rent and How Much They Cost
  • How To Create Lucrative Sales Incentives
  • How To Troubleshoot Difficult Job Sites and...
  • Why the Mid-Rise Market is the Highest Paying in Window Cleaning

Man-Lifts and the Mid-Rise Market: The Ultimate Money Making Machines electronic-book and 5 videos. You'll have instant access to download the ebook the moment your order is confirmed! And... I'll also send you this specialized business building info on CD Rom.

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