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Window cleaning tool kit that has everything you need to start a flood of window cleaning cash flowing into your new window cleaning business!

windows so clean you can eat off of them!

stop the madness!
here are actual pictures of window glass that clearly shows the difference between:
--the "spray-on, hand wipe, ammonia method" many home and business owners are 'still' using. and the...

streak free results you'll learn with my * free * ebook and videos.
--look at that glass shine -- imagine this kind of glass clarity at your home or for your customers! this is the quality result i'm going to help you achieve using the tools contained in the ettore window cleaning kit.

you'll learn how to clean windows 10 times faster using your ettore tools and my techniques than applying the traditional "newspaper and spray-on chemicals method".
i'm extremely pleased to offer, this quality window cleaning tools and techniques package. before i show you all the free bonus material, here's what's in your ettore window cleaning kit.

your ettore window cleaning kit with case contains:

super system handle & quick release handle, (left), are the 2 squeegee handles included in your window cleaning kit.
both handles feature clips that allow you to easily insert channels, (right), of different lengths.
insert the channel that best fits the window you are cleaning. your kit comes with 4 stainless steel channels in the following sizes: 10", 12", 14" and 18".
each channel comes with a squeegee rubber already in place and ready to use.
in addition, your channels come with and extra 3 replacement rubbers in the following lengths: 10", 12", 14" and 18". you'll want to replace your squeegee's rubber when worn from use.

tip: each channel's rubber can be used until worn-out on both sides; when you need to replace, just turn the rubber over and reinsert into channel. when both sides of rubber are worn, replace with one of the 3 remaining rubbers of equal size.
if you are a home owner, for instance, that wants to clean windows on your medium sized house 2 times a year; your replacement rubbers will last several years before you need to order new replacements!
the 14" golden glove washer is the tool you'll apply your window cleaning solution to glass surfaces to loosen dirt and other grime.
simply soak the applicator in solution and scrub your window glass.
it's important to scrub well; your squeegees are not designed to clean glass - they are designed to remove dirty soap water and dry glass surface. your washer is the tool designed to remove debris.

tip: when cleaning glass inside, you may want to apply less cleaning solution. this will help prevent soapy water from damaging, household or office furniture i.e.. items you'd prefer not to get wet. simply wring-out excess solution from washer before scrubbing window.the scrapemaster scraper comes with 10 replacement blades.
this glass scraper, as in all the tools contained in this kit, is professional quality and is "specifically designed" for use on window glass.

this tool will help you remove paint, stickers and other materials from glass that your golden glove washer can't.the 8' rea-c-h telescopic pole will allow you to scrub, squeegee and scrap glass that is out-of-reach.the pole's working length is from 4' - 8'. your squeegees, washer, and scraper are all designed to attach to poles contoured top.

tip: use your pole with washer to scrub large ground floor exterior glass. although, this isn't necessary, this technique will help reduce the time in takes to scrub a window - without having to bend over. - great technique for sliding glass doors as well!
your kit comes contained in a sturdy, nylon reinforced carrying case. this carrying case is perfect to store your tools - damage free - and, will simplify your efforts when you need to transport your kit to different that you know what tools are in your ettore window cleaning kit, here's my...

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