Operating a successful window cleaning business can be easy when you know what types of jobs to take and what type of jobs to avoid.

creating pricing minimums

i recommend creating standard ‘pricing minimums’ for your business. every legitimate business has a minimum price it will cost a person to hire their services… why should your business be any different?

pricing standards will help create a professional image for your business. folks will respect you more and will be more apt to giving you the price you want if you create this standard.

people realize that there are costs of ‘doing business’, such as insurance, auto, gas, office and other related business expenses.

if you price your services too low, people will be suspicious and wonder if you are for ‘real’ or a ‘fly-by-night’ operator. these are the type of customers you need to attract – not the restaurant chain looking for the best bid.


Final thoughts:

if you are going to build a window cleaning business that specializes in low paying ‘route’ window cleaning services; then make sure to train 1 or more employees to handle the work for you.

your employees must work for low wages, have a clean driving record and be lightning fast with window cleaning tools.

route window cleaning work is, in most cases, not profitable for an owner / operator unless the accounts are created with the use of minimum pricing standards.

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