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How to become a certified window cleaner

having great customer service and superior window cleaning skills are a couple of ways you can set your window cleaning business apart from your competition but, if you want the ultimate advantage... consider getting your employees or yourself window cleaning safety certified.

imagine the advantage you'll take when you can proudly advertise the fact that your window washing company employs safety certified window cleaners... especially in an industry known for it's rouge or questionable operators. window cleaning certification will simply, boost your professional image.

for me, it's a huge advantage to say that i'm the only certified window cleaner in the whole state of alaska and... the only online window cleaning business instructor certified by the (iwca) international window cleaning association in suspended operations / (rds) rope descent systems and ground commercial window cleaning (cwc)!

this level of certification took me 3 3/4 years to accomplish. was it worth it? absolutely. are there other levels of certification that won't take as long to achieve?... keep reading! but first...

here's a list of some of the many benefits of becoming a certified window cleaner:

1) employees who are more knowledgeable and safety conscious
2) gaining greater respect from customers
3) obtaining a selling point
4) realizing possible reduced insurance costs
5) business savings from improved operation
6) raises employee moral
7) increases your professional image in community
8) obtain greater understanding by training with the latest industry safety trends

being safety conscience is no joke... especially in an industry that relies on a comprehensive knowledge of high access equipment like, (ladders, tower scaffolds, manlifts, rope descent systems and suspended scaffolding).

having a complete understanding of the safety standards, regulations and the safe use of this equipment is a must. but what exactly is required to become window cleaning safety certified?

the iwca has 5 different levels of certification for the professional window cleaner.

they are designed to educate window cleaners in the following areas of specialization:

1) route / residential specialists - (* ** 550 otj training hours)
2) ground commercial window cleaner - (* 580 otj training hours)
3) suspended operations rds rope descent systems - (* ** 1155 otj training hours)
4) suspended operations ss suspended scaffolding - (* ** 1155 otj training hours)
5) high rise specialist - (* ** 1655 otj training hours - must have one of the two 'suspended operations' certification before proceeding to this level)

the level of certification i obtained was in suspended operations rds which also requires covering cwc requirements as shown by the reference to (*) asterisk. (see below for otj training breakdown).

all levels of certification require "on the job training" which must be logged and submitted to the iwca on ojt vouchers.

required on the job training (ojt) hours:

1. chemical use, extension poles and washers 150* **
2. ladders 300* **
3. fall protection 100* **
4. manlifts 15*
5. tower scaffolds 15*
6. rope descending equipment 500, rescue fall protection 75 (and * **)
7. suspended scaffolding 500, rescue fall protection 75 (and * **)

each discipline has specific safety training manuals that must be read, understood, and applied on the job.

in addition, an online final exam is given.

your test score result must be 92% or higher to pass. so, once you've logged and submitted your otj training hours and passed the final exam, the iwca certifies you in the level of certification you've completed.

if you'd like to learn more about getting yourself or an employee(s) enrolled in a window cleaner certification course.

the teachings i provide are designed to compliment the iwca / ansi i-14 window cleaning safety standards. although, i am an iwca professional member and enjoy my association with the iwca organization, the iwca makes no claims to the information within this web site.

with all the "so called window cleaning experts" on the internet these days... don't you think your online window cleaning business instruction should come from a certified window cleaner?... someone who has a certificate to validate his knowledge of safe industry practices?... absolutely!

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