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Window glass sealing! the ultimate in long lasting clean windows

it doesn't matter whether you are a home owner or a professional window cleaner, adding a glass sealant to window glass exterior surfaces is the last step in creating long lasting, luxuriously clean windows!

if you want the best for your home windows, or want to offer your customers the ultimate luxury window cleaning service, discover how to add a glass sealant to finalize the exterior window cleaning process.

professional glass protectants are applied to window glass after the initial window cleaning has been finished to create a molecular barrier that repels:

> water
> airborne pollutants
> hard water

these polymer based sealants can also help reduce light scratches and reduce the chance of problem stains from reappearing after glass restoration procedures. but, there's more benefits to using a glass sealer than what's on this short list...

...i'm going to show you how to:

  1. mix and apply 3 star barrier brand glass sealant
  2. make your routine window cleaning easier and eliminate "soap bleed"
  3. increase your "on-site window cleaning profits" by 50%

how to mix and apply 3 star barrier brand glass sealant

o.k... usually, i don't specifically promote one particular product in my newsletter but, over the last 6 years i have grown to love "3 star barrier", a glass protectant made by the j. racenstein company.

as shown in the picture (above), one 6.4oz bottle of 3 star barrier is mixed to one gallon of pure water to produce enough sealant to cover 10,000 square feet of glass... of course this is based on tests performed in a controlled environment according to the manufacturer.

once you've cleaned the exterior surface of a "non-coated" window, (i.e.. one that does not have a tinting or mirroring coat), 3 star barrier can be applied with a strip washer and simply squeegeed off in the exact same procedures your use to clean glass professionally. this process will leave a thin protective polymer coating on glass that will...

make your routine window cleaning easier and eliminate "soap bleed"

although 3 star barrier will protect glass and keep it cleaner for up to 6 to 12 months, (according to the manufacturer), one of my favorite benefits is how well it eliminates soap bleed caused from vinyl clad windows. if you've ever cleaned exterior glass within vinyl frames then you've probably had to combat soap bleeding back into the interior of the glass from the sides after you've finished squeegeeing dry the glass... aarrgh!

of course, you can try reducing the amount of soap in your water to clean this type of glass, but you'll probably still have some bleed caused by the oils from the vinyl reacting against the water repelling it back into the windows... making a very noticeable stain after it dries.

about the only thing you can do to combat soap bleed is to:

> dry the "bleed" profusely with a micro fiber towel - too time consuming!
> leave "bleed" to dry and hope no one will notice - too risky, not good customer care!
> or, add a glass sealant and remove soap bleed from happening again - great choice!

applying a glass sealant will fill the "valleys", as seen in a cross-section of glass, eliminating a path for soap bleed to travel into body of glass. this will force gravity to let the water travel down the side of the window frames... which is exactly where excess water should go.

adding a glass sealant will make your routine window cleaning very easy. although the glass will, over time, have a buildup of dirt and debris, removing it in the cleaning process is very quick and effortless because of the sealants ability to block the dirt from penetrating glass. and, it squeegees clean like a dream!... i'm not kidding.

if you are a professional window cleaning business owner, glass sealants can help you...

increase your "on-site window cleaning profits" by 50%

although, i have a number of large mid-rise man-lift window cleaning accounts that already include the sealing of their glass in their regular cleaning...

...i have been conducting a marketing experiment with previous customers to determine how easy it would be to add this luxury service and increase my 'on-location' profits. so far, i've sold 5 out of 5 customers on the added service, at a 50% increase in their window cleaning costs!

although 5 customers isn't a huge number, i've been focusing on selling the sealant to a particular user group. this group of customers fit the following criteria:

  1. they are all residential customers
  2. their homes have beautiful views
  3. they only order window cleaning 'one time' per year

basically, i'm targeting folks that aren't already over budgeted with costly - multiple visit per year - window cleaning. and... their homes have a wonderful view to admire and protect...

...i'm asking for a 50% increase in price for the cost of the exterior window cleaning to add the sealant. so, if the customer is paying $200 for their exterior window washing, they'll pay $300 for the cleaning and the sealing combined.

when you are performing this service, it looks as though you are just cleaning the window twice. but, in reality you'll have a second "sidekick" holster or "bucket-on-a-belt" on your window cleaners tool belt to hold a clean strip washer that will be used exclusively to apply the sealant.

i like to give a product demonstration to the customer to show her exactly how well the protectant works. after cleaning the window with just soap and water, i'll flick water back on the glass to show how the water creates an undesirable 'snake shape run' down the glass.

next, i'll add and squeegee dry 3 star barrier glass sealant to glass. i'll flick water on this protected surface and show the customer how the sealant "beads" the water and it rolls off the glass. the visual results assure the customer immediately that they've made a good choice by accepting your advise to add the sealant and additional costs.

3 star barrier meets my company's standards of a quality seal because it's

  1. effective at repelling hard water stains, dirt and debris, and will keep glass cleaner for longer than any other method available (i.e.. pure water rinse with a water fed pole).
  2. it leaves a transparent finish without creating visible distortion like the rub-on applied sealants. a rub-on sealant will likely repel debris longer than 3 star barrier but, i personally can not recommend their use because of the time consuming product application and the noticeable distortion caused by a non-squeegee process of working the product into the glass.
  3. 3 star barrier is also very fast to apply, you can literally pocket that 50% bonus almost instantly.

and, the best part is... the next time you return to clean windows for a customer with sealed glass... cleaning is a breeze!

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