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Discover... how to transform your dirty windows into crystal clarity 10 times faster using my easy-to-learn, professional window cleaning techniques. spend less time cleaning and more time living!

✅ How to avoid the 9 most common window cleaning mistakes... and, save yourself $1,000's in glass replacement costs

✅ How to avoid scratching glass when using razor blades and chemicals when removing a variety of construction overspray items including decals, stickers, paint and more

✅ How to identify problem stains and step-by-step professional procedures to restore and seal glass using the proper tools and chemicals

✅ Get an insiders look at understanding the essential window cleaning tools, how to use them, and where to buy them

Dear frustrated friend, do you dread the chore of cleaning windows?

don't worry, you're not alone! most people dislike cleaning windows because no matter how hard they scrub and buff, the windows never appear clean... they remain hazy and streaked, especially when the sun shines through them. and even worse, it takes hours - even days - to clean all the windows in your house, not to mention the physical wear and tear on your body.

and, there's nothing more embarrasing than having your friends over for a nice elegant dinner party and your house just doesn't seem clean...

...i'm going to show you how to drastically reduce the time it takes to clean your windows. you'll learn professional window cleaning techniques that will minimize fatigue and maximize glass clarity.

but first you've got to...

Stop the madness!

<< this is what i see everyday.

this is the result of spraying on and wiping, (smearing), harsh chemicals on window glass.

how do i know?

i've been a professional window cleaner since 1995. and - everyday my family's financial well being relies on how well i clean windows for my customers.

to get great window cleaning results... you need to understand there is a right and a wrong approach to window washing.

i would have quit long ago if there wasn't an easier, faster, more productive way to clean glass than using a spray bottle full of harsh chemicals.

the wrong way is... the spray-on, rub-off technique - the giant chemical companies advertise. this technique merely just smears dirt across glass leaving your windows with streaks and a fine layer of wax based chemical residue.

Those products and techniques do not produce streak-free results!

and... with the wrong mixture of chemicals, you can 'burn' glass permanently.

after reading many of the articles on how to clean windows at popular diy websites, i felt compelled to write this letter... to once and for all, educate you on the correct window cleaning procedures. because 99% of the advice you'll read at these websites is absolutely wrong... the writers are not professional window cleaners, and even worse - the writers continue to regurgitate the same incorrect information they learned from their mothers... sorry mom!

there are many window cleaning chemicals and homemade window cleaning recipes that work well on glass. but using ammonia, alcohol and vinegar to make your window cleaner is absolutely wrong!

in some cases, it may be appropriate to use these household items on other cleaning projects around the house but...

...when you think of the expense - of how much it costs to replace a window, you simply can't afford to take chances. you can't afford damaging your favorite view windows based on recommendations made by people that are not professional window cleaners.

ask yourself this:

when was the last time you saw a professional window cleaner spraying on chemicals and wiping glass with newspaper to clean windows?

have you ever smelled vinegar or ammonia around a professional window cleaner?

professional window cleaners use a window cleaning recipe that is nonabrasive, and environmentally friendly... one that contains no solvents, ammonia, or alkali. the best window cleaning recipe is designed to, not only clean windows but, also naturalize the p.h. of most window glass surfaces.

ask yourself this:

Would you use alcohol, ammonia, vinegar or wax based chemicals to clean your dishes?

you wouldn't spray and wipe harsh chemicals on your dishes and then feed your family would you?

of course not!

can you imagine eating from a plate with a waxy residue? yuck! then, why would you do this to your window glass?

this may sound absurd but...

i'm going to show you how to clean windows so well you can eat off 'em! absolutely free of any residue, and left with pure unobstructed clarity.

imagine... a bright, warm, clean home filled with the outdoor images that are more vibrant and colorful than ever before... windows so clean you'll feel a real connection to nature while in the comfort of your living room.

your windows are your one of the biggest and most costly investments in your home and they deserve proper care to prevent permanent degradation of clarity caused by environmental pollutants.

really, there's no point in having a view if you can't see it properly.

i know how hesitant you might feel about putting away the trusted old spray bottle.

i understand.

because, i've asked many homeowners why they keep using the spray bottle. the answer always came down to a lack of someone skilled in proper window cleaning procedures to teach them.

Now you can learn the right way to produce streak free, spotless windows

i've put together a comprehensive, easy-to-learn window cleaning systems that includes several lessons featuring slow motion video, so you can easily grasp every move i make and make them your own.

the "window cleaning secrets exposed" system will show you all the proper techniques that will cut through even the worst window grime.

you'll learn how to drastically reduce the time it takes to clean your windows with beginning window cleaning video lessons so you can improve your view now.

discover... easy to learn, advanced window cleaning techniques, that even most pros don't know about. you'll literally be able to produce better window cleaning results than most professionals!

Window cleaning secrets exposed" system is downloadable so you can start learning now!

"window cleaning secrets exposed" is an interactive, downloadable ebook that supplies you with the skills necessary to produce streak free windows...

...even if you've never used a squeegee before!

learn through my comprehensive study guide that features the following window cleaning video lessons...

watch, listen and learn how to:

(video) clean small windows with a beginning level "2 stroke window cleaning" method

(video) clean 1/2 moon shaped windows

(video) clean oval shaped windows

(video) clean store front sized windows

(video) clean windows via an extension ladder

(video) learn advanced window cleaning methods using the "super swirl" method

(video) learn advanced window cleaning methods using the "x" method on small horizontal windows

these video lessons break down the window cleaning technique with "slow motion photography"... so, you can study and apply the exact methods i've used to earn over $750,000 in the last 10 years.

some of these methods are so advanced, many professional window cleaners don't even know about them. and yet... they're easy enough to learn, you'll master them within 1 day.

plus, i'm going to give you "in-depth" information on window cleaning tools, how to use them, window cleaning chemicals, how to make the best homemade window cleaner and much more.

i'll give further details on:

✅ how to correct window cleaning mistakes 'without' having to re-clean the whole window

✅ how to detect fabricating debris in glass and take the appropriate measures to avoid scratching glass embedded with glass fines

✅ how to use the 'partial squeegee technique' to clear excess water from window's edges instead of using a towel

✅ how to reduce the time it takes to clean windows by 10 times with the proper tools and techniques rather than using the old spray-on and wipe-off technique

✅ how to reduce fatigue in wrists and arms utilizing the most up-to-date professional window cleaning tools and techniques

before i tell you how much it's going to cost, let me tell you how much it will cost you if you don't learn these secrets from me.

i'm a professional window cleaner. and if i were to come to your home, i'd charge you $70 per hour. that's my base window cleaning rate. most interior / exterior residential window cleaning jobs i perform range between $250 and $800.

hiring a pro is costly and with multiple visits, window cleaning can cost you $1,000's over the next few years -- but you can bypass that expense and immediately be able to produce picture perfect windows, on your own, for $94.

you know what? scratch that. as an "introductory launch", grab it now for a limited time, at half-price. i don't know how long i can afford to leave the price at $47, but for now, enjoy the savings!

i believe the window cleaning secrets exposed system is the best product of it's kind on the market.

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