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Window Cleaning Marketing Guide: Boost Your Business Success

in this article, we’ll take a look at 8 ways you can improve your window cleaning web site; techniques you can use to attract more prospects and ultimately convert your site’s visitors into buyers of your window washing services.

here’s a list of the topics we’ll discuss…

- add your url to offline marketing tools
- seo strategies to optimize title, keywords and description tags
- business service area
- all info on home page
- add video to your site
- add photos to your site
- hire a model to introduce your web site
- website template available in qs guide

tip #1 - add your url to offline marketing tools:

just getting a web site uploaded onto the internet doesn't mean you’ll instantly have swarms of potential buyers visit your site and order your services. after all, a new web site attracts about as much attention as a billboard in the middle of a desert! …

… you’re going to need to market your window cleaning website using a variety of techniques in order for folks to even know you exist.

the first thing i’d suggest is to start adding the (url - uniform resource locator) your web site address, to all of your “off-line” marketing. add your site’s address to all of your print advertising including your business card, newspaper ads, direct marketing postcards, flyers, door hangers, and yard signs.

what this does is gives a potential buyer of your window cleaning services a chance to read more about you at their leisure. a well designed web site presentation will enable you to start building a relationship with the prospect and add the credibility needed to convert the new prospect into a buyer.

tip #2 - seo strategies (title, keywords and description tags):

(seo) search engine optimization is a marketing technique you’ll use to attract top search engines to list you web site on their search pages. basically, what you want to accomplish for your site is a top placement for specific “keywords” in search engines like google, yahoo and msn.

A top ranking will make your site visible for online prospects looking to hire a window cleaner in your area. The first place to begin optimizing your site is to add the correct “title”, “keywords” and “description” meta tags to your site’s html code. For instance, if i had a window cleaning business in Seattle, Washington, I'd optimize my title, description and keyword tags something like this…


<title>window cleaning, window washing, seattle washington wa</title>
<meta name="description" content="all star window cleaning service provides commercial and residential window washing in Seattle Washington WA. click here to learn more about us!
<meta name="keywords" content="Seattle window cleaning, Seattle window washing, all star window cleaning">


these 3 tags go below the <head> and above the </head>.

Of course this is just an example, but what I've found is the greatest percentage of people searching the internet to hire a professional window cleaner will add not only the keywords, (window cleaning or window washing) but will also add the town, city, county, borough or other keyword that identifies your area.

Randy, Founder of Soderman SEO recommends using should use the keywords you’ve used in your title, keywords, and description tags in the “body” of your web site as well. the body is simply the words you’ve written for your site’s visitors to learn more about you. the search engines like site content that matches the keywords listed in the tags. There’s a lot more to learn about seo, but for now let’s move onto…

tip #3 - business service area:

as you know i do a lot or research on window washing for my newsletter subscribers. and, i can’t tell you how many times i’ve visited window cleaners web sites and couldn't find any information on what town the window cleaner provided services in!

your business service area needs to be easily read not only at the top of your site’s home page but, also in your online advertising.

if you are marketing your website using “pay-per-click” advertising programs, you absolutely must have your business service area in your ad otherwise interested prospects from madagascar with be clicking through and costing you money!

remember, it’s not the number of hits your site receives, it’s the quality of leads that’s important.

if you are paying per click using online advertising like google adwords, your (roi) return on investment, will be greatly improved by only having your ads displayed in your area, and by adding your service area to the ad. visitors, located in your service area, that are searching the net to hire a window cleaner, is exactly the type of “pre-qualified” traffic your need to focus on, and spend your advertising dollars on.

tip #4 - all info on home page:

it has been said that you lose 50% of your site’s visitors every time you force them to click on a link for more information.

in most cases, there is no need to have “links” on your site's home page describing your services, (like a link that says “commercial” and another that says “residential” and another that says “about us” and another that says “contact us”). all of this information should be on your home page.

don’t force your site's visitors to decide whether to click on a link or click off your site because half of the time they'll leave your site and may never return!

a well written personal letter describing who you are, what service areas you cover, the consumer benefits of the services you provide, and how to contact you, can easily be read on your site’s home page. create a "sales letter" home page for your site and i know you'll be happy with the results.

tip #5 - add video to your site:

did you know that in 2008, 80% of the people online have a high speed internet connection compared to just 4 years ago when 24% of internet users had a high speed connection.

basically what this means is, it's now o. k. to add larger files to your site like higher resolution images and compressed video content. and, adding images and video is easier than ever with the tools that are available today!

imagine… a prospect logging on to your site for the first time. the first thing they see is a video of you introducing yourself and giving them an overview of the benefits of the window cleaning services you can provide for them. that kind of video presentation can really put a new customer at ease and ultimately convert that prospect into a buyer!

i know what you’re thinking… youtube.

the problem with using youtube is after your video presentation has finished, youtube then inserts other window cleaning videos, from other window cleaners, in front of your customers.

this distracts the attention of your prospects from your sales efforts and may lead them straight to your competition!

i prefer total control of the video content my site visitors see and that’s the reason i don‘t use youtube. i use instead a program that compresses and converts my video into a flash format. it loads and plays my videos the moment the web page is open. and, better yet, this program also allows me to choose the look and color scheme of the flash player so it works seamlessly with my web site design.

if you’d like to learn more about the program i use so you too, can easily display your videos on your web site.

tip #6 - add photos to your site:

adding photos of yourself washing windows, restoring corroded glass, rain gutter cleaning and more can also be an easy was of visually explaining your services and will create additional credibility for your business.

there are several places on the web you can purchase window cleaning images for your web site, (like, but i’d suggest taking and using your own pictures.

pictures of you, on your web site, is a great way to let people know what you look like. this simple act will convey a message that you are an honest and trustworthy business person. it also helps to start creating a bond with you and your customers that purchased stock photos can’t provide…

…a photo of you, (smiling and holding a squeegee), is a good first image to start with.

take a camera to your jobsite's, both commercial and residential, and before long you’ll have an excellent assortment of images you can use to promote your business. and, i’m not talking about taking pictures of homes, commercial windows, your equipment or even your cool business truck, i’m talking about using smiling pictures of you washing windows!

you might have notice that all of the images at are from photos i shot at various times while professionally cleaning windows. i own the copyrights of my images and can use them at will…

… use your own photos on your web site and other forms of advertisements, and i know your business will benefit more than from using purchased stock photos .

tip #7 - hire a model to introduce your web site:

recently, i hired a live model to welcome new visitors to free window cleaning tips. i can guarantee you it has been well worth the $250 i spent.

the presentation enhances this site by giving my visitors a positive and highly professional “first impression” of my website. as you know, making a good first impressions is essential in building a successful business.

internet marketing experts say that you have around 15 to 30 seconds to attract the attention of your web site visitor before they leave your web site forever!

a positive first impression is absolutely crucial when a new prospect comes to your web site for the first time. you need to give your visitors exactly what they came for within the first fold of your home page.

if you haven’t captured their attention within the first paragraph or two, it’s unlikely they will scroll down and read the rest of your web site. it’s then likely they will leave your site in search of someone else to clean their windows.

having a live model introduce your website will grab your visitors attention and can give your business an added boost in sales.

if you’d like to learn more about hiring a live model to introduce your website, services or products.

tip #8 - website template available in quick start guide:

one of the most exciting additions to the new, updated version of my “quick start guide to window cleaning profits” business building system, is a window cleaner’s web site template!

within this powerful quick start system, you’ll have access to download a professionally designed web site that you can use to start marketing and creating sales for your business on the internet.

if you haven’t got a window cleaning web site yet, or are unhappy with your current site design, click here to learn more about the window cleaning web site template in the “marketing tools” section of my business kit.

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