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  • How to AVOID the 9 most common window cleaning mistakes… And, SAVE yourself $1,000’s in glass replacement costs
  • How to avoid scratching glass when using razor blades and chemicals when removing a variety of construction overspray items including decals, stickers, paint and more
  • How to identify problem stains and step-by-step professional procedures to restore and seal glass using the proper tools and chemicals
  • Get an Insiders look at understanding the essential window cleaning tools, how to use them, and where to buy them


The Wrong Way is… The spray-on, rub-off technique – the giant chemical companies advertise. This technique merely just smears dirt across glass leaving your windows with streaks and a fine layer of wax based chemical residue.

Those products and techniques DO NOT produce streak-free results!

And… With the wrong mixture of chemicals, you can ‘burn’ glass permanently.

After reading many of the articles on how to clean windows at popular DIY websites, I felt compelled to write this letter… To once and for all, educate you on the correct window cleaning procedures. Because 99% of the advice you’ll read at these websites is absolutely wrong… 

Professional window cleaners use a window cleaning recipe that is nonabrasive, and environmentally friendly… One that contains no solvents, ammonia, or alkali. The best window cleaning recipe is designed to, not only clean windows but, also naturalize the P.H. of most window glass surfaces.

You wouldn’t spray and wipe harsh chemicals on your dishes and then feed your family would you?

Of course NOT!

Can you imagine eating from a plate with a waxy residue? YUCK! Then, why would you do this to your window glass?

This may sound absurd but…

I’m going to show you how to clean windows so well you can eat off ’em!

…Windows Absolutely FREE of any residue, and left with pure unobstructed clarity.

Really, there’s no point in having a view if you can’t see it properly.

I know how hesitant you might feel about putting away the trusted old spray bottle.

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