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Discover why window cleaning is one of the highest paying home based business opportunities that allows you to make $50,000+ and take off 4 - 5 months every year

this article will give you insights on the benefits and drawbacks of owning and operating a professional window cleaning service. i will also cover "specific how to" information on starting, growing and maintaining your own highly profitable window cleaning service.

The benefits

A high profit business opportunity
are you interested in making $500 a day? if you were to examine the industry, you'd find it common for an owner/ operator, of his or her own window cleaning service, to average $300 - $500 a day in income.

operating a service that most people dread doing themselves coupled with an element of risk is the primary reason these service industry people are paid very well.

you'll also see that the (per hour) income skyrockets when the risk or element of danger increases. working from the ground, cleaning windows for single story store fronts and residences, a window cleaner can expect to make $300+ per day. this amount can go up or down depending on the window cleaning professional's level of motivation and commitment.

working in higher risk cleaning applications with equipment like... ladders, manlifts and rolling roof scaffolding, a window cleaning pro can make upwards of $1,000 a day!

plenty of free time
how would you like a job that gives you 4 to 5 months off every year to do as you please? the fact is this business can be seasonal if you wish which means you can take the whole winter off to...

... travel, ski, snowboard, or whatever you want to do. take the whole summer off if you live in desert community's i.e. phoenix, arizona or santa fe, new mexico.

like the trades of tourism, fishing and other seasonal industries, a window cleaner can enjoy the benefit of the high salary he or she has generated to do as he or she pleases with the free time available. i, personally, love skiing and writing music during the 5 month vacation i take every year as an owner and operator of my window cleaning service.

what would you do with the time and money?

believe it or not, some window cleaners work through the "off season". it's your choice to "close-up shop" for the winter or not. if you are the adventurous type, who likes to get outdoors and play; this business is for you!

i also like the freedom of "being there" for my son. i can drive him to school, be there when he arrives home, and not have to worry where's the income? --- it's in the bank.

costs very little to get started
with $150 worth of professional window cleaning supplies and a business license (approx. $50) you can start generating income and clients on the very first day you're open for business. this work applies to the single story applications we talked about earlier; glass you can clean standing on the ground or using an 8' extension pole.

plan on paying off this $200 investment before the close of your first day in business. with a little hustle, you can create, perform, and get paid instantly because it...

requires less than an hour of training to start making money
my quick start guide to window cleaning profits business system has 25 window cleaning training videos... you'll get the right training, right away so you'll feel absolutely confident cleaning windows for your very first customer.

no college degree necessary
with very low overhead combined with simple booking skills, owning a window cleaning service is a no-brainer and does not require a college degree to operate. on your own, expect to make 30k - 90k between the months of april and november, every year - depending on how ambitious you are.

save thousands of dollars in student loans and take winters off to do the things you've always wanted.
if you wish to add employees to your business, the sky's the limit on yearly income; there are many companies around the united states raking in hundreds of thousands.

let's quickly recap a few of the many benefits of owning and operating a professional window cleaning service:

it's a high profit business - you have the opportunity to make upwards to $800 a day.

plenty of free time - enjoy the off season to do the things you've always wanted in life with the money to enjoy them.

low overhead - you can literally payoff your initial investment within hours of opening your business.

requires very little training - you don't need a college education to operate this business but, it's always good to have one. besides, you have the potential in this business to make a higher yearly salary than most college graduates... no kidding!

and... forget about having to pay thousands of dollars in student loan debts, this is a (+) money business not a (-) negative.

The drawbacks

not a get rich scheme

o.k., let's talk about some of the drawbacks, every business has to have some draw backs - right? sure, there is the actual work itself. remember: this is no gimmick. this is no get rich quick scheme; you are going to have to work!

to maximize the window cleaning season for the highest return in income, you'll have to pour yourself into your work.

a 110% commitment is necessary to provide you with the income to comfortably take your winter's off. you would like to take 4-5 months off every year, wouldn't you? you'll have to make a commitment to yourself to get up every morning during the season and making the most of each day. a level head and clear mind is also required because...

window cleaning can be dangerous

of course, you can create a decent income by working single-story jobs, i.e.... store front and "ranch-style homes" but, in order to make the big bucks, you're going to have to perform jobs of higher risk.

generally speaking, this means you'll be cleaning windows in higher applications... 2nd, 3rd, 4th story commercial and residential exterior glass - the sky is the limit. this requires learning how to safely use equipment like, ladders, manlifts and rolling roof scaffolding.

the good thing is you can be minimize the risks by taking the proper safety precautions. by learning how to use and apply safety tools and techniques, you can minimize or even avoid hazardous situations.

there are plenty of manufacturers who produce and supply safety equipment for the professional window cleaner.

this business is not for everyone

otherwise, everyone would be doing it. some people aren't willing to take a chance on themselves, they think running their own business is too risky - is this you?

i don't think so, you wouldn't be reading this if you weren't an independent person, strong enough in body and spirit to create your own destiny! after all, that's why you are here - to take a look at an opportunity that will benefit and better your life.

The bottom line:

you are getting paid well to do a job that is potentially dangerous, a job that requires 110% of your focused attention. you can make $50,000 + during a 7 month season on your own. you can make hundreds of thousands a year if you expand your business to include employees; all you need is the proper instruction and a strong believe in yourself. what's the first step in creating your own window cleaning service?

answer: sales. it doesn't matter whether or not you have had any sales experience, having the ability to "sell your services" is the most important key to the financial outcome of your new business. to learn more about creating your first sale, i've teamed up with an expert in sales, mr. jaime leon. together, we'll show you who, what, where, when, why, and how easy it is to make money your first day...

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