even though you’ve asked your customers to remove their window screens in advance, they haven’t. now you’re standing outside their home wasting valuable time.

what are you going to do?

you’ve got to know how to remove the screen safely, from the outside of the window, without damaging the screen. in this situation, here’s my recommendations on…


how to remove window screens from the outside

press your right hand thumb on lower right hand side of screen frame and gently push screen into frame recess. this will move screen slightly into the frame by depressing the screen’s hidden “half moon shaped tension springs” and allow you to…

put your left hand fingers into gap created on left side of screen. caution: screen frames will easily bent so you need to use good judgment on how much pressure you apply to screen when inserting fingers, screw drivers or other tools into gap.

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sometimes the gap is too skinny to get fingers or other tools in without bending the screen. in this case, i’d advise not proceeding further. but, in some cases you’ll find the screen comes with a “finger tab” in the lower left and upper left hand corners. if this is the case, here’s how to proceed…

insert finger into screen tab and pull out lower left corner of screen.

next, press your right hand thumb on upper right hand side of screen frame and gently push screen into frame recess.

grab upper left frame with left hand and gently remove screen completely.

note: if you have access to remove window screens from the inside, that’s the approach window manufacturer’s recommend. screens are designed to be removed from the inside and you’ll find convenient “pull tabs” already installed for easy removal and replacement of the screen.

use my exterior screen removal and replacement method only as a last resort.

after you’ve cleaned the glass, you’ll need to place the screen back into the window’s frame. what you’ll find is you’ll have water in the bottom window track from cleaning the window. so in order to prevent screen from splashing dirty water back on to the clean glass, follow these tips on…

how to place window screen back into window frame

lift the screen back up to the glass with “half moon shaped tension springs” facing right and “pull tabs” on the left side. make sure pull tabs are facing the glass otherwise you’ll insert screen inside-out. if you insert the screen inside-out, the home owner won’t be able to remove the screen after you’ve left their property.

place right side of screen in frame and apply enough pressure to right side to depress tension springs. this will allow the space needed to insert screen’s left side into framework.

due to the excess water puddled in bottom window track, insert top left screen first and follow by gently placing lower left side into frame without splashing water back on clean glass.


note: you can eliminate the splash-back problem by wicking up excess water in track with a sea sponge prior to placing screen back in frame.

final thoughts

owning a window cleaning business is extremely rewarding. but, at times, you’ll find yourself in situations that present unexpected challenges, like figuring out how to remove screens from the outside, as illustrated in this lesson. your ability to quickly troubleshoot and solve problems on the job, is crucial to your future success.

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